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Tapes from Hellhammered Media:

Sadomagickal Seducer - Testicular Torture

Tapes From Les Fleurs Du Mal:

Hexeth - Hexeth

Hexeth/Icon of Curse - Split

Tapes from Iron Bonehead:

Ypokosmos - Secrets of the Pulse

Reaper - Ravenous Storm of Piss

Pestilength - Demo MMXIX

Popiel - Undying Insurmountable Chaos

Archived Tapes from Forbidden Sonority:

Icon of Curse - Emanation of Hex

Very Limited Copies Available!

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I can ship 3 tapes within the USA for the same cost as shipping 1 tape

I can ship 2 tapes to the rest of the world for the same cost as 1 tape

If there is a significant difference between the actual cost of shipping and what you have ordered, I'll contact you and we'll work it out.